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Cheap Wedding Cakes: Wedding Cakes

A wedding is a dream treasured in the eyes of the wedding couple. Every couple expects their wedding to be unique and special in its own way. They cannot compromise with anything related to the wedding-be it the wedding dress, the wedding decorations or the wedding cakes. But one thing where they often give a second thought is the budget allotted for all these. One example of expensive lavishness is to opt for a stunningly and stylishly decorated wedding cake that will satiate the taste buds. This idea is in vogue. But for those who choose to remain simple yet beautiful during the wedding, there are cheap wedding cakes which would be as sweet and attractive as their counterparts.

Cheap wedding cake can be single or multi-tiered, baked in different flavors and decorated in diverse colors. There are many ways to use cheap cakes. One of the most popular ways is to use wedding cupcakes placed in vertical or horizontal tiers. One can have a simple, single-tiered cake surrounded by cupcakes and decked with artificial flowers. Another attempt can be made to order for smaller cake for the purpose of 'mere display' and then have a sheet cake for cutting. This definitely saves a lot of money as one already has an idea about all the material necessary for making wedding cake. Regarding flavor, there is no hard and fast rule to use fruit flavor in each single-tier.

If one tier is sponge cake, the other ones can be fruit-flavored, that too of different fruits matching the budget of the couple. This is actually a nice idea, since the guests can have their share of cake according to their own choice. Flavors of cheap wedding cakes are varied. One can have carrot cake, strawberry or raspberry cakes. Chocolate with mousse fillings, white cake with fruit fillings, German chocolate fillings are really some good options. Again vanilla cake with lemon cream, buttercream layers with mango or orange juice, vanilla cakes with tea buttercream and ginger buttercream are some unusual flavors.

Decorating a cake is a costly affair which can be done with flowers and fruits and even hand-made articles, designs or scrolls. Flowers like rose, hibiscus lilies, and daisies can be used to ornament the cake. Fruits like strawberry, grapes and bananas can surround the cake on the cake table to give it a colorful and stylish look. Again, the alternative for natural fruits and flowers are artificial ones made of paper or mud which look exactly like their original counterparts. One can have a simple cake but decorate with marvelous accessories like cake favors, cake toppers, cake boxes etc.

There are crystal toppers, vintage toppers, religious toppers, humorous toppers, beach-themed toppers, military toppers available in the market. Instead of using crystal toppers, the couple can choose plastic toppers which will look similar. Bride and groom figurine, wedding couple kissing, love birds kissing, entangled hearts, Love verse on the Bible, Hummingbird on Cross, military sexy ethnic, a Rugby couple figurine etc. top the cheap cakes in beautiful ways.

An innovative concept which rules the field of wedding and wedding cakes is to hire an artist who can decorate the cakes in a beautiful way or even some young students who can come up with truly amazing ideas for cheap cakes. If the wedding cake is multi-tiered, then the cake has to be cut into pieces. Those pieces can be served in cake boxes wrapped in colored papers. Accompanying these cake favors like pens, heart-shaped candies, colored chocolates, and small key rings can be glued to the boxes. Again a smiley face, hand-painted on the top of the cake boxes is a nice idea. This will create an individual style-statement of the wedding couples.

Wedding cakes are the results of the couple's imagination and the confectioner's creativity. With the baker being perfect, one can have a customized wedding cake with the same style, design and flavor of a multi-tiered hugely expensive cake. Now-a-days, the prices of the wedding cakes are sky-high. So to meet the demands of the common people, bakers are picking up cheap cake ideas. This offers them an added privilege to satisfy the customers and also to maintain their own standards. The cutting of wedding cakes is a significant tradition that had been popular since the days of the Great Roman Empire. Thus one needs to maintain the tradition in the way he or she likes. The couples need not spend a lot of money .For this purpose the cheap cake for wedding have evolved.

Cheap wedding cake, as the name suggests does not necessarily mean something bad in taste or quality. These cakes are meant for those couples who cannot afford for some multi-tiered extravaganza. But before going for the cheap cakes one has to research a lot about the cakes in general. They can visit the various bakeries and have a look at the catalogues so that the product which they will be offering on their 'big day' should be a display of beauty and artistry, gracing the ceremony, it is meant for.

Here are some beautiful ideas & pictures of cheap wedding cake:

Cheap Wedding Cakes with Red Flowers Chocolate Cheap Wedding Cake Toppers Cheap Wedding Cakes with Blue Ribbons Cheap Wedding Cakes with Grapes
White Cheap Wedding Cake Sliver Cheap Wedding Cakes Square Cheap Wedding Cakes with Dark Flowers Red & White Cheap Wedding Cake Toppers