Butterfly Wedding Cakes

White & Pink Butterfly Wedding Cakes with Sugar Butterflies

Wedding is a traditional, auspicious and solemnizing ceremony which unites two souls forever. Everything related with the ceremony is special-the wedding ring, the wedding cake, the wedding lore, the wedding decoration and the party. The wedding cake forms a very remarkable tradition in the whole marriage ceremony.

A nicely-decorated and stylishly-designed cake provides an aesthetic pleasure to its viewers. Today there are a number of wedding cakes available in the market keeping in mind, the personal choice and taste of the wedding couples. One of the most popular varieties of wedding cakes is butterfly wedding cakes.

In the modern age, couples have an inclination towards butterfly wedding cakes. The cake appears to be sweet, graceful, delicate and lovely as a butterfly. But then, why to choose a butterfly? The answer is -it is a perfect symbol for love. It is the transformative creature which passes through dreadful phases to reach at most beautiful end.

Its life begins as an ugly duckling and converts into a very beautiful winged creature, liked by everyone. It is a symbol of beauty, simplicity, change and resurrection. It is endowed with immense symbolic meaning in Christianity and many other religions as well. It is also viewed as the symbol of long life, knowledge, permanence and female fertility.

Nowadays, many people are opting for butterfly cakes which are available in different colors and shapes. The cakes can be multi-tiered or single-tiered, but are designed with artificial butterflies of different colors like- ivory, fuchsia, red, blue, green, orange, white, bright yellow and so on. The beauty of the cake is elevated with flowers, pearls, ribbons, jeweled brooches used with golden colored butterfly.

There can also be Cupcake wedding cakes decorated with beautiful hand sculptured edible butterflies. Small or large white cream butterfly can be used as a fondant to contrast an otherwise colored multi-tiered cake.

If the theme of the wedding is centered on butterfly, then the best option for a highly-elegant wedding is to revive the surrounding with a butterfly wedding cake. The weddings dress of the bride can be embroidered with butterfly appliques. The cake can be placed on a table decorated with butterflies, ribbons and flowers.

Even the guests can be gifted cookies or candies wrapped in small boxes decorated on the outside with butterflies. But among all these decorations, the one thing that will catch the eye of all at the outset is the butterfly cake.

Butterfly cakes are highly relevant in the context of wedding. Such cakes symbolize a long-lasting married life, peace and blissfulness in the life, the transformation of the bride and the groom from their past individual lives to a new one, and they're coming together for the sake of progeny.

These also signify luck and good fortune for the near future. Butterflies look stylish and marvelous on traditional and modern cakes. These also suit well for a summer, spring or beach wedding. Therefore, the butterfly wedding cake is one of the most exclusive ideas perfect for the couples.

Here we are providing you some simple tips that will help you to decorate your own butterfly wedding cake:

  • You should either order for a multi-layered or single layered simple wedding cake for the ceremony. You can also refer to the recipes and prepare your own bridal cake. Once the cake is ready, you have to provide an icing or frosting to the cake which should be white in color.
  • The cake should be decorated with flowers and butterflies. You can get these fresh flowers and butterflies online or purchase it from the shop. You can use your own ideas and decorate the cake by keeping garden as the theme. You should decorate the cake by visualizing the garden and try to create the natural settings with colorful butterflies on it.
  • You should place many butterflies at the bottom layer of the cakes among the flowers and reduce the number of butterflies as you go above to the next layers.

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Here are some beautiful butterfly wedding cake pictures.

White Butterfly Wedding Cakes with Purple Butterfly Pink & White Butterfly Wedding Cakes Butterfly Wedding Cakes with Colorful Butterflies Butterfly Wedding Cakes with Flowers White Butterfly Wedding Cakes with Flowers
White Butterfly Wedding Cakes Yellow Butterfly Wedding Cakes Black & White Butterfly Wedding Cakes Blue Butterfly Wedding Cakes Pink butterfly wedding cake decorated with green butterflies and shiny silver bling pearls
Simple Butterfly Wedding Cakes Three Tiered Butterfly Wedding Cakes White Butterfly Wedding Cakes with Pink Butterflies Three Tier Butterfly Wedding Cake Decorated with Gold Ribbon Pink Butterfly Wedding Cake with Handmade White Butterflies