Buttercream Wedding Cakes

Three Tier of Buttercream Wedding Cakes with White & Pink

A wedding cake is an integral part of wedding ceremony. The bride and groom choose a wedding cake that is according to their likes and tastes. The couple goes for a flavor that they like and which will be liked by the guests. The flavors one can choose from are vanilla, butterscotch, coconut, carrot, dark chocolate, mango, orange and so on. The shape is as per the likes while the size depends on the number of guests invited. One can go for a simple one layer cake or multi-layered cake. The types of wedding cakes depending on the themes or tone of the wedding are beach wedding cake, white wedding cake, custom wedding cake, fondant wedding cake and buttercream wedding cakes.

Let's take a look at buttercream cake:

  • Buttercream cake is a popular choice among couples. It is easy to make, various flavors are available and simple to decorate are the reasons for cake to be used in wedding. This cake can be ordered from a baker or can be prepared at home. This cake looks beautiful and is delicious.

  • They have smooth finishing and are light in weight. The couple as well as the guests enjoys the taste of this elegant cake. The cake can be made out of flavors like lemon, pineapple, mocha and so on. The plain cake forms the base and it is covered with flavored cream of butter as an icing as well as a filling.

  • Icing is prepared with simple ingredients like sugar, butter, milk and vanilla. Later, flavors are added through fresh fruits, almonds, rum, essence and food colors. This gives the desire flavor and color to the cake. A simple white cake can be decorated with fresh flowers and the cake looks beautiful.

  • A multi-tiered lemon buttercream wedding cakes with lemon seed filling can be decorated with flowers and leaves. These flowers and leaves can be made out of white frosting made out of cream of butter. The combination of yellow and white flower looks elegant. The flowers can be created using pastry bags. Piping helps in creating intricate designs on the cake.

  • A dark chocolate cake can have white cream of butter as an icing. This cake tastes great and looks beautiful. A bunch of small chocolate cream flowers can be used as a topper for this wedding cake.
Buttercream cakes are an absolute treat if made in the right way. They melt in your mouth and are rich and delicious. The frosting of your cake largely depends on the quality of the buttercream. Some of the local brands of buttercream give a sandy appearance or tend to melt at higher temperatures. Most bakers store buttercream in refrigerators. You can use it for a few weeks. However, you need to have the kind of equipment bakers have; like huge refrigerators and high capacity mixers.

You can safely select some of the top brands of buttercream if you really want to avoid that sand like taste and a rough appearance. Buttercream cheesecakes are very common especially in the US. Also some of the cheap brands of buttercream give an overly sweet taste. Good brands are low in sugar, creamy and light. Hence the cake becomes light and creamy and is not overly sweet.

You can use some of the most unconventional flavors in buttercream cakes. Layering a cake with flavored mousse makes it soft and yummy. You could use chocolate mousse or mango mousse. You could combine the mousse of your favorite flavor with peach, apricot, cherry, mint, pinacolada, peanut butter, caramel, white chocolate, pure vanilla extract, orange tart, pineapple, mango, coconut, strawberry, pistachio, lemon, raspberry or carrot. Apart from so many of these flavors, you could have umpteen other options to make a wedding cake of your choice.

Also there are some popular additional flavors with buttercream such as chocolate, cream cheese, almond, hazelnut, lemon, and mint. Usually, bakers use any of the colors of a rainbow with the help of good quality edible colors.

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Here are some nice buttercream wedding cake pictures.

Buttercream Wedding Cakes with Orange Flowers Light Buttercream Wedding Cakes White Buttercream Wedding Cakes Yellow Buttercream Wedding Cakes
Buttercream Frosted Wedding Cakes Buttercream Wedding Cakes with Red Roses Pink Buttercream Wedding Cakes Square and Round Buttercream Wedding Cakes
White Buttercream Wedding Cakes with Flowers Chocolate Buttercream Wedding Cakes Light Pink Buttercream Wedding Cakes Brown Buttercream Wedding Cakes with White Flowers