Bride Wedding Cake

Groom Carrying Bride Wedding Cake

Wedding is a great occasion for the couple. The couple takes a lot of efforts to organize an elaborate wedding. Planning plays an important role in choosing a wedding cake, venue arrangements, flower decoration, bridal wear and so on.

If all the ideas related to wedding cake are clear in couple's mind then they can ask the baker to create a great looking and delicious wedding cake. The cake will be result of their creativity and personal likes. The wedding cake can be chosen from variety of flavors and shapes. The size of wedding cake depends on the number of guests invited for the wedding.

Wedding cakes are of different types like bride wedding cakes, fondant wedding cakes, beach wedding cakes, Mexican wedding cakes, etc. The wedding cake type depends on choice of flavor, shapes and style of decoration.

One can go for a wedding cake that has one layer if the wedding gathering is small in size. If you have a lot of guests then you can go for a multi-tiered wedding cake of your favorite flavor and shape. Bride wedding cake is a special cake made for the bride and is symbolic. The meaning of the cake is important as it gives out some message.

Bride wedding cakes have interesting toppers on bride's favorite flavor. A small bride wedding cake is prepared and it is cut by the bride after walking down the aisle. The one layered cake is made out of traditional white butter cream or flavors like chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, strawberry, orange, lemon, etc.

This cake looks attractive as it is simple but it has a unique cake topper in form of a figurine of couple that is moving for honeymoon, couple who is enjoying each other's company, groom waiting for bride and so on. These toppers are great fun and give out a message to the guests about the couple's love, trust and commitment.

Bride wedding cake is unique due to its topper. There are some brides who go for a figurine that is an exact replica of them. This is a funny topper giving an idea about couple's courtship. A beautiful strawberry cake with figurine of a groom saying sorry to the bride is quite popular bride wedding cake.

The choice of flavors and toppers is varied and easily available in local markets, on the internet and with the bakers. The bride wedding cake is a perfect way to sum up cake cutting moment in wedding, which the couples as well as the guests enjoy during the celebration.

See some wedding cake boxes for your cake

Also here are some other images of wedding cake toppers which are as below:

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One important thing about bride wedding cake is that as its looks very attractive and beautiful but still the cost of bride wedding cake is less. And if you want to make some changes in your bride wedding then also possible but for that it is necessary to take help of baker as it is some big and delegate as compare to regular cakes. Decorate your bride wedding cake after ordering it and as you want.

We are also providing you some useful tips that would be helpful to select the perfect wedding cake:

  • You have to research and gather information about the different varieties of cakes that are available. You should also try to find out the latest trends and the designs that are available and can be used for the cake.
  • Cakes are available in various color combinations, shapes, patterns. You have to decide the theme, budget, and the type of the cake that you want for the ceremony.
  • Based on that you have to either order the cake or find out a recipe to bake a cake.
  • You can also hire an expert such as a cake designer who will exclusively design the cake for your party as per your ideas and expectations related to your bridal cake.
  • You can look at the pictures of various cakes to get an idea about the different patterns and styles relating to the cakes that are available.

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