Beach Wedding Cakes

Beach Wedding Cakes

Wedding is an important and special moment in each couple's life. Wedding is starting a new life together on the basis of love, trust and commitment. The couple cuts their wedding cake and shares this special occasion with all the guests. A wedding cake is an inseparable part of the wedding ceremony. The wedding cakes are available in various shapes, sizes and flavors. The wedding cake has to synchronize with the theme of the wedding, color scheme of venue, flower decoration and bridal wear. The various types of cakes available are beach wedding cakes, Hawaiian wedding cakes, Mexican wedding cakes and so on.

Beach cakes are quite popular if you plan to have beach themed wedding or a wedding on beach. Beach cakes can be prepared from various flavors like chocolate, coconut, carrot, mango-orange, lemon, etc. If you like to experiment and be innovative then you can go for spice cake. The couple can combine two flavors. This will make the cake look great as well as taste delicious. The lemon flavored beach cake decorated with sea shells and pearls looks really attractive. The flavors can be chosen as per the personal likes and tastes. The size of the cake depends on the number of guests invited for the wedding.

The unique wedding cakes attract everyone due to their shapes and decoration. A lot of motifs like sea shell, pearls and oyster shells can be used as toppers or to decorate the cake. Fresh flowers can be used to decorate the layers of cake or as a topper. Beach and flowers go really well, so use them to give natural look to the cake. Natural and artificial flowers like tulips, rose, hibiscus, lilies, dahlia, and sunflowers are best to adorn the unique beach cakes. Other accessories like the crystal balls, rings, silk butterflies, edible seashells, edible starfish, and a beautiful mermaid can accompany the decoration. But a Blue wedding cake is the perfect for a beach themed wedding. You can let your flight of fancy to create a cake which is an exact reflection of a beach. Well, having such a cake, your guests cannot shift their attention from the wedding centerpiece.

A simple white three tired cake can have star fish, dolphin, a couple snorkeling and a surfing board as a topper. This depends on the couple's passion, hobbies and love for water sports. Other popular beach cake toppers are dolphin Hawaiian beach, seaside jewels, beach acrylic celebration circle , just married couple kissing figurine, palm trees, crystal beach starfish and beach romantic couples etc. all these create a great picture of beach in front of the onlookers.

Unique wedding cakes can be single-tiered or multi-tiered. These are available in various shapes like- round, square, oval, flower-petal shape, hexagonal, etc. For couples who do not want to follow the beaten track, the beach cakes can be individual cup cakes or sheet cakes. A small starfish, palm tree or seashell can be used as a cake topper. Some examples of Unique beach cakes are cited: a three-tiered all-in-all white wedding cake topped with a bouquet of tulips and surrounded by seashells, a two-tiered oval-shaped ivory cake decorated with edible chocolate sea corals, a four-tiered or single-tiered square-shaped blue colored cake with different flavors in different tiers and ornamented with pearl and beach sands, a chocolate cake ornamented with chocolate seashells, ocean scrolls and edible beach flowers.

Beach cakes that are exact replicas of sand castle, light house, beaches are available with bakers. The couple can go for these if they just love sea, sea shore and aquatic creatures. The beach theme wedding is for those people who just love beaches and the surrounding atmosphere. A wedding cake can be kept on the beach only during dusk and dawn wedding. During the daytime wedding, the cake creation may just melt down due to sun's heat. So the couple has to take care when planning about a beach wedding and wedding cake.

A wedding is the union of two people and their families. So, much attention is given to make the wedding a special and memorable one. A wedding cake is one way of making the ceremony unique and special. If the wedding is planned on some outdoor venues like beach, nothing can be better than beach cake. A beach wedding is very romantic for the wedding couple and other engaged couples also. So, unique wedding cakes with proper decoration can lend that feel of love and romance. A wedding under the blue sky in front of a blue ocean and a matching beach wedding cake will leave the guests in a trance of happiness and enjoyment

See here some amazing pictures of beach wedding cake.

Beach Wedding Cake with Starfish Three Tier Beach Wedding Cake Bark Blue Beach Wedding Cake with Sculptural Sugar Sea Dragons Beach Wedding Cake with Stylized Waves In Navy Blue Color
White Beach Wedding Cake Bride and Groom Sandy Beach Wedding Cake Topper Beach Wedding Cake Sailboat Shapes Elegant Beach Wedding Cakes
Beach Wedding Cake with Fondant Goldfish and Ocean Waves Beach Wedding Cake Toppers Modern Beach Wedding Cakes Beach Wedding Cake with Gold-tinged Sugar Seashells